The SCADA system is often one of the first pieces of the design jigsaw when we start a project and if everything is designed around the operator then control of even the largest plant should be straightforward. Data requirements are so large and so important today and even though PCs are extremely powerful a good database and communication design will ensure the optimum performance of the most complicated system. Our vast experience enables us to graphically display complex data in a simple way that allows the operator to react to situations with the minimum of delay.

drawTREND Limited has invested in its staff to ensure that the requirements of manufacturing information can be fully met with solutions that deliver the very best from the products that are used. We are constantly working to keep ahead of the changes in technology so we can ensure the best system for our clients. We take pride in recommending and using current technologies in the sure belief that they provide efficiency and long term reduced cost of ownership.

There is such a wide range of SCADA systems on the market each with its own niche that it may be difficult to decide which to choose. drawTREND Limited experienced SCADA team recognizes the importance of project cost and the balance with future needs and is able to provide an unbiased selection of the right SCADA for you. Whether you need recommendations in deciding equipment, help in determining how to solve a problem or are just short of resources then drawTREND Limited can deliver the results that you expect from a new project or an equipment upgrade.

Contact us and one of our specialists can call in and discuss your requirements.

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