S7 Simulation PLC

The S7 Simulation PLC executes a program in the same manner as a hardware PLC.
The advantage of executing a PLC program this way is, that the PLC status can be displayed
in real time .
Since the S7 Simulation PLC behaves like a original SIMATIC® PLC, the programming
tools ®S7 for Windows and STEP®7 can be used.
Online connections can be established serial, via Ethernet and directly on the same PC.
Even for project engineering and diagnostics of the PROFIBUS DP ®S7 for Windows or the
original STEP®7 tool can be used.
The program of a S7-PLC or a Siemens Win AC® SoftPLC can be transferred to the S7 Simulation PLC.

Extended Simulation S5

With the Extended Simulation S5 it is possible to test your PLC programs. No additional hardware is required.
The test will be entirely performed on your PC.
The Extended Simulation S5 provides the functionality of a SIMATIC® CPU 945.
System commands, floating point calculations, and double word instructions can be executed.
Extended function blocks (FX), extended data blocks (DX), and extended flags (S) are supported.
The number of timers and counters is extended to 256 each.
The memory structure is equal to the memory structure of the CPU 945.

The communication between the Extended Simulation S5 and ®S5 for Windows can be done directly, via TCP IP or with a zero-modem cable.

The communication between the Extended Simulation S5 and STEP®5 can be done with a zero-modem cable.

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